What’soup?The Delicious Winter Broccoli Soup

Winter is definitely here. My frozen nose can easily confirm it.

So what’s better than the comfort of warm soup to enjoy while watching Friends re-runs on the sofa?

Here’s how you can make the perfect broccoli soup for a winter night in.

broccoli soup recipe
Winter Broccoli Soup Recipe

Boil a small bowl of broccoli in salty water. When the broccoli are soft, put them in a blender and bliz with some vegetable stock, cooking cream and a bit of butter, then pour everything in a small pot and cook for a few minutes, until the soup is dense.

While you wait for the soup to be ready, toast a couple of slices of bread and put them in the bowl where you’ll serve the soup.

Pour the soup in the bowl and garnish with some olive oil and, if you like, some crushed walnuts.

Enjoy the taste of winter 😉

Winter Broccoli Soup Recipe
Winter Broccoli Soup Recipe – Healthy Italian Food

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