The Shocking Truth About Lasagna

Few things can annoy an Italian like seeing our beloved food being “reinvented” or “adapted”.

In the top three of the “Italian” foods that would make any Italian scream there’s certainly the UK version of The Lasagna, as I found out shortly after I had moved to the UK.
(Yes, THE Lasagna. Because this exceptionally delicious dish is the Queen of all Italian dishes.)

This might come as a surprise to most UK food lovers, but the truth is… there are no mushrooms in the real bolognaise sauce.
So it goes without saying, there are no mushrooms in The Lasagna.

I’ll never give up my battle against the horrifying mushrooms floating in the precious bolognaise sauce.
Never. It’d be unpatriotic.
And grandma will never forgive me.

One more fun-fact: we call it Ragù, not bolognaise.
Which also happens to be the name of my cat 🙂

What best way to prove you that The Lasagna tastes way better without any addition to the classic recipe than making it yourself?

Here is how you make the Real Italian Lasagna:

Start with the bolognaise sauce.

What you’ll need for the bolognaise sauce:

  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • One carrot and one celery stick
  • Minced beef (500g)
  • Tomato passata (500g)
Healthy Italian Lasagna Recipe
Healthy Italian Lasagna Recipe

Get your chef hat ready!

Chop up half an onion, one carrot and one celery stick.
Pour a spoon of olive oil in a big saucepan and let it fry with the garlic for a couple of minutes, the pour the chopped vegetables in and let it cook for 3 minutes.

Then add the minced beef and stir while pouring the precious tomato sauce in.

Add a pinc of salt, cover with a lid and let simmer gently for one hour.

I’m sharing grandma’s secret to the perfect ragù: the longer the bolognaise sauce simmers, the better it will taste! (Careful not to burn it 😉 )

Time to assembly The Lasagna!

What you need for the Lasagna:

  • The bolognaise sauce you just made
  • Lasagna sheets
  • White sauce (Lasagne sauce, also known as Bechamel sauce)

Pour a big spoon of bolognase sauce and white sauce in the baking pan to create the base, then lay the first layer of lasagna sheets, pour another big spoon of bolognaise sauce and white sauce on top, making sure you cover the lasagna sheets, then sprinkle some grated cheese on top.

Repeat until you have a few layers.

Healthy Italian Lasagna Recipe Healthy Italian Lasagna Recipe

Healthy Italian Lasagna Recipe
Healthy Italian Lasagna Recipe

Now you can put The Lasagna in the oven for 45 minutes at 200°C.

When it’s soft inside and crispy on the outside, it’s ready!

Well done! You’ve just made your first real Italian Lasagna. Now celebrate by devouring that delicious food!

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