Italian Coffee: It’s Not a Drink, it’s Culture

Italian Coffee

Say yes to coffee.

If you ever happen to visit a friend in Italy, keep this in mind: the answer to “Fancy a coffee?” is always yes.
There’s no way you can decline the offer. You’d get a weird look and possibly a disappointed “Oh, okay”.

If you think we’re taking it too personally, think again: to Italians it’s not simply offering coffee, it’s part of the ritual of welcoming you into their house and it’s basically an offer of friendship. You’re turning down friendship here.

You can always fix the awkward situation by offering to help make the coffee with them and showing off your ability to use the moka pot.

The what?

The moka pot.

Everyone in Italy has one, and the most precious object in everyone’s house is not jewellery or the car keys, it’s grandma’s moka pot.
Grandma’s moka pot always makes the best coffee. Nobody can explain why (some say it’s because the more use the moka pot, the better), but that is an undisputed truth.

Wondering how to use this mysterious object? It’s easier than you imagine.

Here’s how to make coffee with the moka pot:

italian coffee with the moka pot
how to make italian coffee with the moka pot
  • Fill up the bottom half of the moka pot with water (hot or cold, doesn’t matter)
  • Insert the pot’s filter basket into the bottom half of the moka
  • Pour a big spoon of ground coffee into the filter basket
  • Screw on the top half of the moka pot (be careful if you used hot water)
  • Place the pot on the stove, keeping the heat low
  • When you hear the coffee boiling in the moka pot it’s time to turn off the stove

Pour the coffee in the classic Italian tiny coffee cups and now you can breathe a sigh of relief: you’ve saved a friendship. And you have freshly brewed coffee.

Well done 😉

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