Quick Lunch Fix – Special Tuna Sandwich!

Healthy Italian Special Tuna Sandwich
Get ready for my Healthy Italian Special Tuna Sandwich

This is my favourite. TUNA SANDWICH = LOVE.
It’s easy, it’s quick, and when you’re in a hurry to get to work in the morning and you forgot to prepare your lunch the night before, this is the perfect solution.

And this one has a special twist: red cabbage for extra healthyness.

Ready in 5 minutes. Get your timer ready… Go!

healthy italian tuna sandwich recipe
Selfie with the ingredients for the Special Tuna Sandwich
  • Slice up the red cabbage and quickly fry it in a pan with a small spoon of olive oil
  • Mix the tuna with two table spoons of mayonnaise and add some capers, as many as you like ( I like… lotssss)
  • Wash the lettuce and let it dry while you slice up the bread roll (over here they call it “bap” or “cob”)

Now for the delicate part: find the perfect balance when assembling the special tuna sandwich.
Some might argue that first is the salad, then the tuna, but I like to do things my way.

First the tuna, then the cabbage, then the salad.

Why? There’s a logic to it: the bread will soak up the tasty juices of the mayonnaise and the tuna; the cabbage will softly land in the tuna and be trapped so it can’t slip out at the first bite; the salad at the top for crunchyness.

Time’s up! 5 minutes. Wrap it up, off to work!

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Healthy Italian Special Tuna Sandwich
Posing with my Special Tuna Sandwich – Healthy Italian



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